I would highly recommend Reshma for counselling therapy. I came to Reshma with personal issues which were affecting my relationship with my partner. Reshma was non-judgmental, empathic and patient as we worked together to understand and work on my issues of self worth, self acceptance and anxiety. Reshma worked with me and my partner individually and together to find common ground where alone we had found our differences irreconcilable. One of the most valuable things she has done is teaching us how to communicate effectively and engage one another. We have gone from the verge of break-up to having a strong foundation for a happy long term relationship.


As a university fresh graduate soon-to-be, I’ve been facing a lot of pressure and confusion towards future life. My past experience within family and relationship have also been bothering me a lot. I suffered from hopeless, depressing feelings, and suicidal thoughts. Reshma has been my counsellor for the past months and she’s been very patient with me. Her style of support is insightful and progressive. She also shared her valuable personal experience with career change with me. Every time I leave her office, I feel more positive and empowered. I’d recommend her to my friends and family.

- Charlie

Reshma’s relaxed approach to therapy really helped me to feel at ease and open up. She got to the root of my concerns very quickly and encouraged me to express feelings which were not easy for me to identify or articulate. She was honest and willing to challenge the notions I held which were causing me distress. She was able to change my perspective on many areas of my life in a very short space of time.

- Mr. A.W

Over the last six months, Reshma has helped me to gradually move myself from a place of darkness back into the light. She has taught me that it is a process that first and foremost requires love, patience, and kindness for myself. Through her guidance I am becoming more focused on what I need and want, rather than what I should or should not. This is not easy work but if you go into it wholeheartedly, it is every bit worthwhile. Thank you Reshma, for everything.

- Mrs J.L

I met Reshma when I was in a very toxic situation. She has helped me on an individual level as well as for couple counselling. She helped me see how many events in my life brought me to that place. Her sound grounding in individual psychology and family dynamics is exceptional.

- Mrs. N

Reshma has really helped to get me thinking more confidently and positively about my life. Before I came to see her, I was feeling very down and couldn’t really see how I could progress in my life. I was impressed from my first session with Reshma as she went straight away to the problems. In just five weeks of seeing her, I now feel a lot more positive and confident, and can start to see my life being in more control and good again.

- Mr. Ryan

Reshma is a kind, compassionate and patient listener. She brings wonderful insights about your life’s issues and allows you to approach whatever you are working on with a different perspective.

- Mrs. G.W